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Helping Veterans of All Services Access Funding for Hearing Aids and Hearing Care

We help Veterans of all services access funding for the very best hearing aids

UK Veterans
under the age of 75 are
3.5X  More likely to
report difficulty hearing

My husband is ex services, former Army, Royal Artillery, so needless to say he has a hearing loss or as they say in the RA family Gunner Ear! His experience and the ongoing service of our Armed Forces has made us proud of who you are.

We wanted to do something tangible that could help you and recognise your armed forces service. We decided that providing the very best equipment and care at a special cost would go some way to doing just that. We want to make sure that you have access to the very best equipment available.

Our Hearing Aids

Linx 2 hearing aid range

We have undertaken an agreement with the manufacturers of the very best hearing instrument equipment. They, like us, are committed to recognising the service to the Nation of Armed Forces Personnel.

They believe as we do that recognition of this service is important. Without their help, we would not be able to provide the very best equipment available at reduced pricing. They like us are committed to the Armed Forces Corporate Covent partnership

There are also several forms of financing available to meet the costs of the instruments

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Funding Available
We can help you
to access funding

Military Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Though not a visible effect of warfare, hearing damage is extremely prevalent amongst the Armed Forces as a result of what is called Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. Almost all service people suffer from hearing difficulties as a result of exposure to arms, artillery, engines and explosive devices.

As a service family with direct experience of hearing loss and its effects, we decided to do something about the problem. We work closely with the leading hearing aid brands to offer reduced costs for the very best hearing aids. We also work closely with the British Legion to help ex-service members access the Veterans Hearing Fund. 

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25% Service Members
return from conflicts complaining of
Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

The Highest Quality Delivered.

Our mission is simple, to deliver the highest quality hearing aids combined with outstanding levels of care and service


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