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About Us

UK Veterans Hearing Help


Who we are

Samantha and Ben Bennett began the UK Veterans Hearing Help in response to Bens subsequent hearing loss from his 13 years in the Royal Artillery. When Ben at 43 years of age started to struggle with the volume of the TV, and in groups of people, Sam who was already a Hearing Aid Audiologist with their children (also Audiologists) diagnosed Ben with a high-frequency hearing loss which affected his clarity. They quite quickly fitted Ben with hearing aids with the support of a manufacturer and when Sam and Ben went to the next reunion, a lot of Bens’ colleagues commented on his hearing aids and their issues.

Sam and Ben together decided this was an area where they could help and give something back, and quickly developed the concept for the UK Veterans Hearing Help.

Two years on, Sam and Ben now work with Vickie, Chloe and Colin who together take the message out across the World, yes, the World! As we now get enquiries and arrange this service worldwide with support from Audiologists everywhere.


The Team

The UK Veterans Hearing Help team is made up of a small, open-hearted group of people.

Vickie Holleworth - The UK Veterans Hearing Help

Vickie Holleworth

Vickie is the Business Development Manager for the UK Veterans Hearing Help. Vickie has a very vast knowledge on the Veterans Hearing Fund and will be able to assist you on any questions you have related to the fund.

Chloe Johnston

Chloe is Vickie’s right-hand woman on the UK Veterans Hearing Help team and will be able to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your application or the process in which you will go through to receive your funding.

“We wanted the UK Vets to be supportive of all its followers who needed our help. We wanted to take the service to our older veterans who couldn’t get out and access this service. We wanted to fit the best technology with the best assistive devices, and we wanted it done as smoothly as possible”


Colin Baker

Colin is a retired Squadron Leader having served over 41 years in the Royal Air Force.  He suffers from high-tone deafness and found UKVHH by accident when they asked for volunteers to help with their events.  The experience and knowledge Colin had gained from his military Service and previously having worked for an educational charity, he was asked to join UKVHH as their Stakeholder Engagement, Governance and Events Planner.  Colin’s wants to help Veterans like himself in obtaining a better way of life and is currently going through the procedure to obtain hearing aids right now.

Samantha Bennett - Ben Bennett - UK Veterans Hearing Help

Samantha Bennett

Samantha Bennett RHAD, CECP, DipH, CertSM is the founder of Hear4U & UK Veterans Hearing Help. With an endless dedication to hearing, Samantha has worked her way up to become one of the most renowned audiologists in the country. Sam will be able to give you a clear and precise Hearing Assessment to ensure you are receiving the right Hearing Aids with your funding.

Ben Bennett - UK Veterans Hearing Help

Ben Bennett

Ben Bennett, Sam’s Husband, has been through the Veterans Hearing Fund process himself and still hears clearly to this day. With the restoration of his ability to hear, as a Veteran himself, Ben feels this is an opportunity not to go unnoticed.


How we can help

The UK Veterans Hearing Help is one of the few organisations that have direct access to the Veterans Hearing Fund through the British Legion. We can help you gain access to this fund with continuous support along the way. We endeavour to make sure that your application is submitted with the highest level of quality and success rate possible so we can get you hearing with some fantastic new Hearing Aids as soon as possible.