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Colin and Lydia’s journey

Posted by Chloe Johnston on November 15, 2019

On our journey to many military events, we were able to meet up with many Veterans, Charities and other organisations and offer advice and direction to a better quality of life to those who had a hearing problem as a result of military Service. Just some of the places we were able to visit. A really great way to meet Veterans face-to-face and also relate to others who are there to help Veterans.

Something new for UKVHH but proved to be so successful with the number of Veterans reached. This was also a moment to meet other charitable organisations who were extremely keen to use UKVHH as a means to helping their own Veterans. Care homes, hospitals, local councils and many more have taken up the challenge to reward their Veterans with a better quality of life. To see some of the place they visited, click here

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