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UKVHH Charity Constitution

Charity Constitution

Mission Statement – Our Constitution

The mission of UK Veterans Hearing Help is to provide a facility for ex-serving members of the Armed Forces of the UK who have suffered a hearing defect as a result of military service, free consultation, provision of hearing aids and equipment, care and aftercare.  This facility will make full use of the Royal British Legion Veterans Hearing Trust to ensure that this is at no cost to the individual.  The overall aim is to give back something to our military personnel and improve the quality of life for both them and their families. This is our Constitution.


Under the Corporate Partnership Programme to support the Armed Forces Covenant, UK Veterans Hearing Help (UKVHH) provide a country-wide need for hearing aid technology to ex-servicemen and women, due to the types of noise they are or have been exposed to.  With financial support from the Royal British Legion (Veteran Hearing Fund), UKVHH is a specialist hearing service that offers advice, treatment, care and aftercare to those who have suffered a hearing loss due to their Service to the Queen and the United Kingdom.  This specialist service is provided free to those who take the opportunity of UKVHH expertise and totally funded from the RBL Veteran Hearing Trust. Furthermore, there are a number of Audiologists around the UK who have agreed to act as consultants, therefore the service is available to all Veterans irrelevant of where they live.  UKVHH now supports UK Veterans who reside overseas and to ensure that they are given the same opportunity of those based in the UK, a network of Audiologists and Manufacturers has been established.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to use our Contact Form. Alternatively, if you are looking to partner with us and help provide great hearing care to Veterans on a European scale, please get in touch with us on our Join Our Cause page!