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We have recently received correspondence from the Royal British Legion with regard to the Veterans Hearing Fund which received £10 million from the LIBOR Scandal to support Veterans with a hearing loss as a result of military service. Unfortunately, it is not good news to many of you who are either waiting for funding allocation or being accepted by the Royal British Legion and, despite a further allocation of funding, they cannot meet the demand. Many of you will receive a letter from the RBL stating this and, although they are seeking further funding they are unable to guarantee this.

UKVHH is passionate and determined to continue to help Veterans with a hearing problem and have taken appropriate action to seek funding from other sources to ensure that both those registered with us and any further applications will be honored. This is not a ‘quick fix’ and will take some time for us to procure the funding and support however, we will keep you informed as things progress. I will state that our office team is working continuously with other organisations and this is looking extremely positive with many of the larger military charities and other outlets.

It is important to us that we continue to help Veterans with hearing issues and will be branching out into other associated medical problems but once again, this is work in progress and involves working with other major organisations and charities to ensure that only the ‘best’ care is provided.

We are determined as ever and despite being a challenge to us, we will take the ‘Bull by the Horns’ and work hard to get things back on track for you all.

Keep an eye on our Social Media and website for future updates and remember we are “hear for you”