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Veterans with a hearing loss are eligible for funded hearing aids!


The Royal British Legion Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF), is a Government – financed fund that provides support to ex service personnel, who acquired a hearing loss as a result of military service. The fund was generated from the Libor scandal, where the banks were fined a total of £35m of which £13m was gifted to the British Legion for the Veterans Medical Fund over a period of five years.

The UK Veterans Hearing Help work together with the British Legion and Veterans Associations helping Veterans access the funding, sourcing a quality service and helping them through the whole procedure so that the claim is not only successful but the hearing aids provided are of the highest quality.

The Veterans Hearing Fund not only provides the funding for hearing aids but also when there is a need for further aids, we can help by applying for assistive listening devices. These specialised hearing devices are designed to be used with television, telephone and meetings. Tinnitus therapy can also be treated with top of the range hearing aids and together with such a high level of technology that cannot be sourced from the NHS, the quality of life and wellbeing of Veterans is assured.


There are two stages to the Veterans Hearing Fund application


VHF1 stage – UKVHH will help you throughout the whole procedure and initially they will start the process by getting you to complete the VHF1 form and submitting it with all the relevant documents. We may ask you to apply for service medical records if applicable to include with the application. We will arrange a hearing test with a local independent hearing professional who will recommend the best hearing system for you.

VHF2 stage – The British Legion will then issue the VHF2 which is then completed by ourselves and a full report is written and sent to the VHF Advisory Panel who make the final decision.

Once the application is fully approved, we will arrange for the aids to be ordered and set up an appointment at a convenient time for your fitting. The Hearing Technology provided is supplied with a five Year Guarantee & all Hearing Aids come with a three month exchange programme to ensure your Hearing Aids are right for you! Once you have received your new Hearing Aids, we will continue to offer you support to ensure that you are afforded the best possible level of aftercare.


There is NO COST to you as a Veteran throughout the whole procedure as the RBL Veterans Hearing Fund is used to obtain the highest level of technology to ensure that your quality of life is improved greatly!