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Mascot Louis Models UKVHH Hat

Posted by Kim Kearns on January 8, 2019

Louis’ “woofly” hat…

Say “Hello” to Louis our little mascot at UK Veterans Hearing Help!

Here at UKVHH we are dedicated to not only supporting veterans on their journey to receive high quality hearing aids and care through the Veterans Hearing Fund, we also regularly partake in fundraising for charities that support veterans and current service men and women and their families.

This year we have been supporting the registered charity ‘Once, We Were Soldiers’ which supports homeless veterans in the UK.

We have our red fundraising hats available for purchase from our shop: https://www.hearingaidaccessories.co.uk/shop/red-hat-for-homeless-uk-veterans/

This hat will keep you warm in the cold winter months and the bright colour keeps you noticeable helping you to share the word of UK Veterans Hearing Help.

Our hat model agrees that it is a ‘woofly’ hat.

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