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RAF Veteran approved for hearing aids!

Posted by Chloe Johnston on June 19, 2019

Mr Colin Norton was in the RAF for 3 years and was based in the offices doing admin work, and also some training on the rifle ranges with no hearing protection.  Every 3-4 months he would guard the camp and the local Army base used to attack them, for training purpose, but for realistic purposes.

Mr Norton’s father was in the 1st world war and lost his leg, his brother Jim was a tank driver and was killed in Kaen in the D Day landings in 1944. His other brother Thomas served in the Royal Navy and his ship was blown up in Bombay Harbor but he survived.  Mr Norton was also involved in bombing in civilian life in Belfast.

Hear4U fitted his moderate hearing loss today with the latest Phonak technology which was fully funded for him, and got a fabulous first result.  Updates to follow.

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