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I am grateful that I had hearing aids free of charge. I was completely honest about the fact that I am too vain to wear a visible hearing aid. The audiologist suggested that I would not get funding for the more expensive in-ear hearing aid and that they are not as effective and so convinced me that the behind the ear type would be inconspicuous enough. Sadly they are not inconspicuous enough and are not that effective (I have tinnitus as well as high frequency hearing loss). This means that I will not wear them when I go out and they are essentially only used as expensive Bluetooth headphones. I regret wasting your money when you are such a good cause although I may find the need to used these devices in the future as my hearing degrades further.
-- Frank Birnie
Absolutely delighted with my new hearing aids, I can hear so much more now.
-- Bob Smith
-- Haroon Ali
From my first contact with Veterans Hearing I have had nothing but professional help and advice. All staff were extremely helpful and were only too pleased to answer any queries I had Alrhough the process was long, this was not the fault in any way of the Veterens hearing fund. I now have 2 x hearing aids which are not available on the NHS. I would encourage anyone who has suffered hearing loss because of their service to our country to apply, they have nothing to lose but potentially a lot to gain.
-- John Gravy

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