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The War Theme continues at Tilford

Posted by Chloe Johnston on April 5, 2019

Come and join us!

Come and join UK Veterans Hearing Help at the Rural Life Centre, Tilford Surrey where you can experience many of the sights and sounds of a World War II village. Harking back to 1944, the museum is alive with civilian and military personnel. There will be music, military demonstrations, re-enactments and much more.  Be ready for the Air Raids, join in the nostalgia and take yourself back in time with the war now in its 5th year and the yanks have been here for a year and are still trying to fit into the quite life of this typical English village. The British army have been billeted with the home guard to make sure everyone gets along together. The villagers are curious but minding their own business, they might be startled by a squad or two British or American troops training through the village and they hear the distant cry as troops are put through their paces in the local camps.

Tilford welcomes one and all to come to the Rural Life Centre to experience a village at war, see the sights, smell the smells and interact with the many re-enactors that make this event special.
Have tea in the NAAFI, listen to the Yanks singing as they march and wonder at the machinery and equipment that won the war. And, of course, have a glimpse of what it was like as a civilian as the country was gearing up for the war effort.

Colin will be there to talk to any Veteran that has suffered from a hearing loss as a result of military Service and, with his sound advice and encouragement, he can offer the first class support that UK Veterans Hearing Help can give and without a doubt, an improved quality of life when you once again, hear sounds you once heard in the distant past.

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