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Tinnitus Treatment


Military Noise-induced Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

Although Tinnitus and hearing damage is not a visible effect of service, it is very popular amongst the Armed Forces.

This is usually referred to as Noise-Induced Hearing Loss or NIHL. Almost all service people suffer from hearing difficulties as a result of exposure to arms, artillery, engines, and explosive devices.


Did you know 25% of Service Members return from conflicts complaining of Hearing Loss and Tinnitus?

Both of these problems required some of the best technology and dedicated care & service to be treated correctly. We work closely with the Royal British Legion to help ex-service members access the Veterans Hearing Fund and get the treatment and equipment they deserve. The fund covers things such as Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Accessories and Treatments like Therapy.

If Tinnitus is getting you down, we can help

We offer a range of evidence-based and proven treatments that are tailored to each individual, which will normally give long-term relief. We offer no magic pills, no magic patches, just treatments that have been proven to work.

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Is Tinnitus affecting your day-to-day life?

Tinnitus can often have a significant impact on someone’s life. Some people are not bothered by it or have taught themselves to ignore it. For others though, it is a constant source of frustration and stress. Tinnitus symptoms can worsen to the point that getting a full night’s sleep is barely possible.


A Vicious Cycle

In turn, a bad night’s sleep affects you negatively the next day and a vicious cycle of stress and frustration may begin. Seeking help with your tinnitus when the symptoms occur is important for your overall general health. Proper evidence-based treatments can make life with tinnitus more manageable.


Breaking the Cycle of Distress

Tinnitus is likened to a dripping tap. First, you notice the Tinnitus, like you would notice a leaking tap. As the sound continues, it sets off a subconscious alarm in your head. This causes you to react negatively to the sound. You have a negative emotional response to the sound, irritation, anxiety or anger. This distress triggers a physical, bodily response, increased heart rate, tense muscles, or sweaty palms. This adds to your distress and this chain reaction causes you to put even more focus on the sound. What started as a small, insignificant sound, grows into an all-consuming, stress-inducing roar, and the cycle continues as the brain adapts to constantly focusing on the sound.


Tinnitus Therapy Services

As with hearing aids for Veterans, we also have a network of professionals who are experienced in the treatment of people suffering from Tinnitus. They can help you with therapy, sound therapy devices or both. If you are an ex-serviceman or woman who is suffering and you would like help with it, contact us on 0800 3698600 or online now.

Think you may be entitled to the British Legion Hearing Fund?
Contact us using the methods below and we will guide you through the process, from start to finish!
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