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Visit to the Association of ex Service Drop In Centres Conference by Sam and Colin

Posted by Chloe Johnston on November 14, 2019

Colin and Sam took the opportunity on invitation to attend the ASDIC (Association for ex-Service Drop In Centres) Conference held in Bolton on 13 November 2019. This was a great opportunity of meeting other charitable organisations and to gain a better understanding of the Drop In Centres throughout the UK of which there are more than 300. Both Colin and Sam were able to enhance the relationship with those they have met before, introduce UKVHH to several organisations including local councils and give a brief overview on what we, as a charity can give back to Veterans in the way of hearing assistance.

A thoroughly worthwhile conference and a step in the right direction for UKVHH helping local Veterans.and developing stronger relationships with those who were just as passionate in looking after Veterans. ASDIC provides a great meeting place for Veterans who can meet up with fellow Veterans and of course be given advice and direction. If you have never visited a Drop In Centre then why not see if there is one in your local area.

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